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Following the launch of a consumer trial across London stores, where Starbucks’ customers received a 5p charge on disposable coffee cups, the company announced the following results: reusable cup usage increased by 156.6% in those stores. The trial is one that has gained attention, as it is another example of how positive business policy might help transform consumer behaviour.

In the six weeks the trial was active, the coffee chain also saw 6% of consumers take advantage of a 25p discount for using reusable cups. This figure can be compared with the 2.2% before the charge was introduced.

It is also being reported that proceeds of the 5p charge will be donated to environmental charity Hubbub, while Starbucks also looks to build on the in-store trials by experimenting with plastic straw solutions across 54 stores in London and Manchester.

Additionally, the company also recently announced £7m in grants to support a sustainable coffee cup solution.

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