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Sun Protection: Is your Sun Cream contributing to Deforestation?

by | May 28, 2021 | Ethical Shopping Blog

As we ease out of lockdown and travel restrictions are lifted, people are spending more time outside and as a result, the demand for Sun Protection is increasing. As more consumers are buying Sun Protection, we need to take the time to examine how ethical the Sun Protection products we purchase are.

A key issue within the Health & Beauty sector that consumers are becoming increasingly aware of is animal testing policies and whether a brand is ‘cruelty-free’. This is something we take very seriously at The Good Shopping Guide, as we believe that lab-testing products on animals is unethical and should be avoided at all costs. Many companies do not support animal testing but sell their products in countries, such as China, where testing is mandatory by law. Our research has shown that generally independent companies are more aware of animal welfare issues, compared to larger international brands, which still need to improve in this area. Our updated ethical ratings provide insight into which sun creams are truly cruelty-free. We also assess whether companies offer products that are certified as being free from animal-based ingredients.

Another issue within the sector that we assess is the use of unsustainable palm oil. Many companies continue to use these forms of palm oil, despite the well-documented detrimental effects of its production, including deforestation and loss of biodiversity as a result. Deforestation also hurts indigenous communities living within areas targeted for land clearance. Other criteria include the use of organic, GM-free ingredients and whether a company has published a detailed environmental report.

Generally, Sun Protection scores well across our People-related criteria, whilst improvements can be made in the Environment and Animal categories. We would encourage more companies to offer certified organic and vegetarian/vegan products, as well as strengthen their overall animal welfare policies and practices.

To find out how ethical your choice of Sun Protection brand is, read our Ethical Sun Protection Rating Table for more information.

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