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Technology firm, HP, has published its latest sustainability report. Within the report, the company reveals how it reportedly used 99,000 tonnes of recycled plastic in its ink and toner cartridges through 2017.

Additionally, the company has reported that on the back of introducing the first Original HP ink cartridges made with plastic bottles recycled in Haiti, they have sourced more than 170 tonnes of plastic (over 8.3 million plastic bottles) from Haiti plastic (through March 2018).

HP has also reported that, beginning with its circular initiatives launched in 2016, 271,400 tonnes of hardware and supplies have been recycled.

It is also notable that HP has hit its previously established science-based targets when it comes to emission reductions. Further sustainability commitments have also been made by HP moving into the future, including the aim to continue to actively work toward 100% renewable electricity. The tech firm has also reportedly highlighted water usage as an ongoing concern (although, in this report, the figures are mixed) as well as a number of other circular ambitions. It all falls in line with what HP are describing as an ambition to transform its business model to one that is more ethical and responsible.

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*Currently, HP ranks among the worst for overall ethics in our ethical tech rankings for PC, Laptop and Desktop brands.

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