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Retailer and clothing giant, Target, one of the largest cotton importers in the US, has announced the aim of sourcing 100% sustainable cotton by 2022. This goal affects the retailers future vision for both its own brand apparel as well as home and essential products, and national brand products.

Specific details on the company’s sustainable cotton plan has not yet been revealed, and so the details on how the major US retailer will achieve 100% sustainable targets are vague. Target did announce, however, that part of its action plan will be to improve its supply chain by working with farmers, brands and retailers. The company also pledged full transparency when it comes to its cotton sources.

The announcement follows commitments made by the retailer last year, in which Target published its aim to remove all “unwanted chemicals” from its own branded products. It was also announced last year that their own brand productions would replace conventional polyester with recycled plastics.

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