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Coca-Cola has made the news this week with the launch of ‘This is Forward‘, the company’s sustainability action plan.

The plan, announced by The Coca-Cola Company in Western Europe and Coca-Cola European Partners, provides a number of detailed plans about how the Western Europe division of the mega-company will go about tackling a number of issues. Among action points is emphasis on a commitment to purchase 100% renewable electricity by 2020. The plan also commits to a 35% decrease in emissions across the entire supply chain, while a packaging pledge of 50% of material in PET bottles be derived from recycle plastic highlights an increase in ambition.

Coca-Cola packaging, among many other things, has been a source of intense criticism in recent time. Greenpeace was one of the latest to press the company to improve its packaging targets, after a highly publicized campaign.

What is clear is that this action plan is clearly stronger than previous outlines.

It also details action points when it comes to improving water usage, including the target to reduce by 20% the water used in manufacturing coupled with the aim to replenish 100% of the water used in areas of water stress.

You can find a summary here.

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