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Earlier this week we released our latest ethical comparison rankings for the world’s footwear brands. At the top of the list? Po-Zu.

In fact, Po-Zu has ranked top of the ethical index for shoe & trainers brands for 11 consecutive years. It is an unprecedented run. Along with multiple sustainability awards, including Best Ethical Fashion Brand 2017, the brand has emerged a true ethical leader in the footwear sector.

About Po-Zu

The brand’s ethical mission and foundation of ethical principles begins with a simple observation of a most troubling fact: ‘did you know an average of three pairs of shoes per person ends up in landfill every year?’ Po-Zu has emerged as an ethical leader in the footwear sector through its mission to change the trend for fast fashion and mass-production of shoes which is eating up resources and exploiting vulnerable workers.

They offers expertly-crafted ethical and sustainable footwear, including men and women’s vegan shoes and non-leather shoes. Handcrafted in Portugal in line with the company’s ethical and sustainable standards, using natural materials – including cork, coconut fibre, latex, organic cotton, pure wool tweed, and chrome-free leathers – Po-Zu shoes have become known for both quality and style.

This year they released a collection of official Star Wars shoes including a funky range of Rebel Alliance boots and shoes that are worth checking out if you’re a fan of the popular sci-fi series.

Ethical Accreditation

But it doesn’t end there. To add to the message that Po-Zu is an ethical footwear brand you can trust, we’re extremely pleased to announce that the company was also recently re-awarded Ethical Accreditation. Having passed our annual independent audit for another consecutive year, this means that Po-Zu comes highly recommended by The Good Shopping Guide.

You can learn more about Po-Zu as well as purchase their products on their website. Or you can get in touch with them via Twitter (@Po_Zu).

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