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One of the UK’s top suppliers of supermarket chicken has been accused of duping customers into buying out-of-date meat, a Guardian/ITV News investigation reveals.

The exposé is littered with disturbing details. The firm behind the scandal is 2 Sisters Food Group. It is estimated that they process 2m chickens every week, supplying one-third of all poultry products consumed in the UK. Aside from the clear, well-known and explicit ethical debates that relate to what some call “food fordism“, at the heart of the undercover investigation is a number of alarming food safety(mal)practices. Just four years after the horse meat scandal, one of the alarming findings concerned the altering of slaughter dates.

There are many details to process, and many more will likely emerge in time. One by-product of the investigation, for example, has revealed that Tesco’s so-called “farm” brand – known as Willow Farm – has been deceiving consumers with the promotional badge “exclusively for Tesco”, as footage of chicken drumsticks, already packed for discount rival Lidl, can clearly be seen being reopened and repacked for Willow Farms.

Meanwhile, as we wait for potentially more details over the coming days and weeks, what is clear, as noted in the Guardian report, is that the food sectors has been hit with repeated scandals and we must start question more deeply as to why.

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