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Drilling will soon be underway at the UK’s first geothermal electricity project based in Cornwall, with developers aiming to construct a new facility capable of generating enough renewable power for up to 3,000 homes.

Geothermal Engineering Ltd recently announced plans that it will begin drilling two deep wells into the rock beneath the United Downs Industrial Estate near St. Day in Cornwall, with the deepest well set to reach a staggering 4.5 kilometres.

Once operational, water is pumped from the deepest well at a temperature of approximately 185-190C and fed through a heat exchange at the surface and then re-injected into the ground to pick up more heat from the rocks in a continuous cycle.  The extracted heat will then be converted into electricity and supplied to the National Grid. 

Dr Ryan Law, Managing Director of Geothermal Engineering, said the UK’s geothermal resources remained largely untapped, but claimed they had the potential to deliver up 20 per cent of the UK’s electricity and heat needs.

This is great news for the environment and those campaigning for more renewable energy.  The UK has an ambitious target for emission reductions going forwards and takes a front seat at the G8, helping to promote a global movement of countries aiming to rapidly reduce our carbon footprint, by promoting ethical renewable energy. 

The Good Shopping Guide, as well as many ethical companies, understand we need to take greater responsibility for securing a low carbon energy supply.  Geothermal energy has huge potential to help achieve this and that’s why we are giving a big thumbs up to these companies providing this technology and innovation.

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