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It’s Fashion Revolution Week (23-29 April), and with that comes the publication of this year’s Fashion Transparency Index.

Fashion Transparency

Fashion Revolution is a global movement calling for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. The greater goal of the campaign is to unite the fashion industry and ignite a revolution to radically change the way our clothes are sourced, produced and purchased, so that what the world wears has been made in a safe, clean and fair way.

With that goal in mind, this year’s fashion transparency index contains mixed results. While researchers note there are more companies sharing their policies and commitments on human rights and the environment, there remains a lot of information concealed from the eyes of independent assessors. This includes details on the impacts of the lives of workers throughout the supply chain. In other words, too many major fashion brands continue to lack transparency. The question is: what are they hiding?

The list of worst scoring brands remains the largest. It includes the likes of Amazon, Lacoste, Urban Outfitters, Dior, and Nine West among others.

As for the top scoring brands, there are a handful: Adidas, Reebok, Puma, H&M, Espirit, Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, C&A and Marks & Spencer.

Fashion Revolution Week

For over 15 years, our leading research has been at the fore when it comes to investigating the fashion industry.

For Fashion Revolution Week, we always recommend that in addition to the Fashion Transparency Index, you also take the time to review our latest comprehensive, independent rankings of the world’s fashion brands/retailers. Along with our updated ethical comparison rankings you will find a detailed breakdown of how each brand scores across human rights, environment, animal welfare as well as numerous other categories.

Here are the latest ethical company index rankings for fashion brands and shoes.

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