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Late in 2017, Xerox made headlines by announcing some impressive new sustainability targets, including a commitment to science-based emissions targets.

Fast-forward to 17 April, 2018, and the company has announced another new sustainability goal: “you print one, we’ll plant one”. In partnering with PrintReleaf, the company aims to helps its customers work toward a more sustainable future by enabling them the opportunity to contribute to the reforestation of global forests.

As summarised in the press release, “PrintReleaf leverages paper usage reporting and equates the number of trees needed to reforest that usage on an equivalent basis in geographic areas of need.” The partnership will thus allow Xerox customers around the world to sign up for PrintReleaf “as an add-on to a managed print services contract”. After signing up, Xerox customers will have access through an online portal, where they can view the “managed forestry projects where their trees will be planted, in addition to tracking and reporting on their direct reforestation impact”.

“From our Green World Alliance program to the Xerox Print Awareness Tool, we have long been known for our dedication to sustainability,” said Wendi Latko, vice president, Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability, Xerox. “With PrintReleaf, now we’re able to take that commitment one step further by empowering our MPS customers with an industry certified service that will accelerate and promote their efforts as stewards of the environment”.

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