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Our choices can be both positive, by buying products that we know to be ethical, and negative, by refusing to buy the ones of which we disapprove. For example, one aspect of ethical shopping might be supporting actions such as the Nestlé boycott, which targeted all the brands and company subsidiaries to try and force the company to change its marketing of formula baby milk in the Third World.

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For nearly 20 years, The Good Shopping Guide has made a significant positive difference to the environment, to animal welfare and to communities across the globe, by helping people make informed decisions about which companies and brands are best for the planet, best for animals and best for people world-wide.

What people have said about The Good Shopping Guide book

“This edition of The Good Shopping Guide remains a book o historical importance.  It details an enlightened approach to 21st-century consumerism that is easy to follow.  By intelligently channelling our spending power, we can all easily support animal welfare, human rights and the environment.” - Alistair Fothergill – BBC Producer: The Blue Plant & Life in the Freezer

“The biggest influence on companies comes from customers.  The Good Shopping Guide provides everyone with the information they need to persuade powerful companies to behave more responsibly.” - Tony Juniper – Environmentalist and Vice Chair Friends of the Earth

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The Good Shopping Guide provides the benchmark for consumers to be able to buy the best products from the best companies.” - Juliet Davenport – Chief Executive Good Energy Ltd

The Good Shopping Guide helps you make informed choices about the business behind the brand.”Anne MacCaig - CEO Cafédirect Plc


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