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Compare our ethical rankings of the world’s leading brands. Challenging corporate malpractice, by exposing a range of environmental, animal welfare and human rights issues, since 2002.

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Ethical Accreditation

Ethical Accreditation is designed to support ethical companies’ reputations and sales by clearly showing that the company is independently endorsed by the Ethical Company Organisation.

The logos can be displayed on product packaging, websites, advertising, press releases and stationery, so that people can easily identify the most ethical companies.

Featured Ethical Companies

Featured Ethical Company Reviews give you the opportunity to showcase your company to our user base of ethical shoppers, with links directly through to purchase.

As well as background information about the company and products, this is an ideal platform for communicating directly with potential customers about your company’s core ethical values.


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The Good Shopping Guide Book

For over a decade, The Good Shopping Guide established itself as the world-leading ethical shopping reference book. Here you can buy the final version which was published in 2012.

The book reports on and ranks the ethical scores of the companies behind hundreds of the world’s biggest brands – with regard to the Environment, Animal Welfare and Human Rights records.

Over 60 different product sectors are covered, everything from Banks to Butter and Washing Machines to Jeans. Each product section gives useful information about the ethical issues to take in to consideration when purchasing that product, and an at-a-glance summary of the overall ethicality scores of different companies and brands.

Ethical Company News

Ethical Supplements: Viridian Nutrition

Ethical Supplements: Viridian Nutrition

Viridian Nutrition has been re-awarded independent Ethical Accreditation from The Ethical Company Organisation for the 3rd successive year.  Since the company’s launch in 1999,...

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Ethical Pet Food: Paleo Ridge Raw

Ethical Pet Food: Paleo Ridge Raw

Paleo Ridge Raw is a dog food company, using high quality raw ingredients which have been sustainably and ethically sourced. Raw food is a natural diet for dogs and completely...

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Ethical Accreditation: Highland Spring

Ethical Accreditation: Highland Spring

Highland Spring has been re-awarded independent Ethical Accreditation, following an annual ethical audit by the Ethical Company Organisation.  This is the 12th consecutive year...

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Ethical News Blog

Ethical. Period

Ethical. Period

Natracare is a pioneer in natural feminine hygiene products, having developed the world’s first brand of organic and natural period products in 1989. Natracare provides a range...

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