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Ethical businesses: Our top 200 ethical companies and brands

All the companies in this list are committed to being businesses with a positive ethical impact on the Environment, Animals and People. We are proud to endorse these truly ethical businesses as some of the most ethical companies and brands in the world – they are all testament to the power businesses can have to affect positive change.

We list companies and brands that have been independently certified through Ethical Accreditation by The Good Shopping Guide. This ensures that these ethical businesses are committed to regular checks on their ethical policies, practices, overall public record, as well as being routinely fact checked against multiple independent authorities. You can therefore see that these companies are not involved in the widespread corporate greenwashing that is so prevalent today.

Explore our picks for the world’s most ethical businesses below. The companies and brands have been categorised based on the industry they operate in. This includes ethical businesses across a wide range of industries, such as energy, fashion, cosmetics, finance and more! To find out more information about each business and what products or services they offer, simply click on their link, which will take you to their dedicated brand page in The Good Shopping Guide.

Most ethical energy suppliers

Choosing the right ethical energy supplier can have an enormous impact on the carbon footprint of our homes and businesses. By opting for renewable energy suppliers, we can significantly reduce the environmental impact of our electricity usage. The two energy providers on this list exclusively offer 100% renewable energy tariffs!

Most ethical insurance and money sector businesses

In a world where investment in fossil fuels, weapons and animal testing is commonplace, these responsible finance companies are paving the way for a better future by focusing on ESG and sustainable investing. Cut through the greenwash: the companies listed below make for genuine ethical choices when looking for ethical insurance, banking services and financial advice.

Most ethical fashion businesses

Our most ethical fashion businesses include responsible jewellers, sustainable shoe retailers and ethical clothing brands. These brands are making waves in the industry by addressing environmental, animal welfare and human rights issues within the fashion industry.

Health & Beauty’s most ethical companies and brands

From makeup, to soap, to health supplements, our top picks for the most ethical Health & Beauty businesses offers something for everyone! We are proud to say that all the brands on this list are cruelty-free and strongly oppose animal testing. You can find brands offering organic and plant-based cosmetics, as well as sustainable period products and nappies.

Most ethical brands for the home

Our Home section contains ethical businesses offering eco-friendly cleaning products, ethical paint and sustainable flower delivery. If you want to decorate your home both beautifully and ethically, these are the best companies to purchase from.

Most ethical Technology businesses

We are proud to endorse these leading ethical tech businesses, which are constantly striving to address the issues of carbon emissions, e-waste and overconsumption within the technology sector.

Most ethical Food & Drink brands

Our pioneering ethical food and beverage companies cover a wide range of products, such as pet food, chocolate, spirits, coffee, bottled water and more! Check out these brands to find excellent ethical options for organic, plant-based and Fairtrade goods.

Other top ethical businesses

This category is for ethical businesses that do not fit neatly into one of the above product sectors. This includes, but is not limited to, ethical companies offering cleaning services, gardening equipment, animal care products and more. All the brands listed below have received our praise for their exemplary ethical practices and regular scrutiny of their policies.