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The Good Shopping Guide offers Ethical Accreditation, which certifies the Company, Brand or Product in question has scored highly enough in our overall analysis of its Corporate Social Responsibility record.

The application process takes 6-8 weeks and involves our research teams analysing each applicant company’s record on up to 15 specific criteria under the 3 general headings of Environment, Animals and People. We search for criticisms within several thousand documents from NGO’S, Campaign Groups and Court Reports. Ethical Accreditation screening includes the applicant company and its ultimate holding company. The research is repeated every 12 months to ensure that our Ethical Accreditation awards remain up to date.

To apply for Ethical Accreditation, please fill out the form below.
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Ethical Accreditation Awards

Ethical Company Award 

As companies evolve, expand, merge and consolidate it becomes harder for businesses to demonstrate their ethical and sustainable practices to the public.  We research and analyse the complete corporate structure of a company and our Ethical Company Award is a clear, independent and trusted sign of a company’s ethical position and credentials. 


Ethical Brand Award 

Brands are the identity of a product or service.  They create an emotional connection with the consumer and develop a character and personality in their own right.  As consumers look for ethical and sustainable characteristics in the brands they purchase, so our Ethical Brand Award gives them the ability to clearly communicate a brands ethical persona to the public.


Ethical Product Award

Companies and brands diversify and segment their businesses to cater to different markets.  There are many reasons for consumers to choose one product over another, but ethical credentials and practices have become a core factor for them.  As your product competes for attention in the market let it clearly convey its ethical credentials with our Ethical Product Award.

About our different Awards

Each Award is researched and scored independently and in accordance with the criteria for that category.

In assessing an application for the Ethical Company Award, we will research all the activities of that company, its subsidiaries and parent company against a set of key ethical criteria. Success in this category means that our Ethical Company Award logo and mark can be added to brands and products owned by the company as well as being included in our website and marketing material as an Ethical Company.

There are many reasons why a company may not qualify for an Ethical Company Award.  However, a company may have launched or acquired a brand that is ethical and sustainable, and it is important that this is communicated to the public.  In awarding our Ethical Brand Award we research and measure the ethical and sustainable practices of a particular brand against our criteria.  

We will also look at the activities of the parent or holding company and where this produces a negative score, we will highlight this to the public.  However, we believe in encouraging brands to take steps to become more ethical and sustainable and our Ethical Brand Award is aimed at showing the public which ones have.  Success in this category means that our Ethical Brand Award logo and mark can be added to the brand and the products under that brand.

Customers are faced with many purchase decisions every day and it can sometimes be difficult for them to identify ethical products at the point of sale.

Our Ethical Product Award is aimed at providing clarity and visible ethical credentials to customers when they pick up a product.  We research the ethical practices in producing and distributing a particular product and score this accordingly.  In analysing a product for this Award, we will look at the activities of the brand and/or the company ownership and this may produce a negative score.  However, we believe that products that clearly demonstrate ethical practices should be visible to the public by a trusted source so that they can make an informed purchase decision.  Success in this category means that our Ethical Product Award logo and make can be added to product labels and marketing materials.


Apply for Ethical Accreditation‍‍

The annual award accreditation fee is tiered and based on annual revenue. The fee includes our in-depth research and scoring, highlighting in our ethical benchmark rankings table on The Good Shopping Guide (where applicable), and license to use our ethical trademark for the top-performing companies, brands and products.  A member of our team will be happy to discuss this with you in more detail – please call 0333 011 3320 or email [email protected]

Apply for Ethical Accreditation using our online forms or you can download the form as a PDF and send by email or post. 50% of the fee (or £250 minimum) will be invoiced upon application, with the remainder invoiced upon completion of the research.

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