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Ethical brand ratings and accreditation since 2001

About our different Awards

Each brand is researched and scored independently, in accordance with the criteria for its sector.

In assessing an application for an Ethical Company Award, we will research all the activities of that company, its subsidiaries and its parent company against a set of key ethical criteria. Success in this category means that our Ethical Company Award logo and mark can be added to brands and products owned by the company as well as being included in our website and marketing material as an Ethical Company.

There are many reasons why a company may not qualify for an Ethical Company Award. However, a company may have launched or acquired a brand that is ethical and sustainable, and it is important that this is communicated to the public. In awarding our Ethical Brand Award we research and measure the ethical and sustainable practices of a particular brand against our criteria.

We will also look at the activities of the parent or holding company and where this produces a negative score, we will highlight this to the public. However, we believe in encouraging brands to take steps to become more ethical and sustainable and our Ethical Brand Award is aimed at showing the public which ones have. Success in this category means that our Ethical Brand Award logo and mark can be added to the brand and the products under that brand.

Apply for Ethical Accreditation

The annual award accreditation fee is tiered and based on annual revenue. The fee includes our in-depth research and scoring, highlighted in our ethical benchmark rankings table on The Good Shopping Guide (where applicable), and a license to use our ethical trademark for the top-performing companies, brands and products. A member of our team will be happy to discuss this with you in more detail – please call 0333 011 3320 or send us a message over on our Get In Touch page.

Fill out The Good Shopping Guide‘s online Ethical Accreditation Form or you can download this form as a PDF and send it by email or post. 50% of the fee (or £250 minimum) will be invoiced upon application, with the remainder invoiced upon completion of the research.