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A new online ethical shopping marketplace is emerging, Be good. Shop, and it is now a member of a growing list of brands to have attained Ethical Accreditation.

Be good. Shop. wants to change how people shop. Their mission is to make shopping good for everyone – from those making the products to those who own them and more generally the world as a whole. They only work with values driven businesses who are making products which are ethically produced.  Products – many of which are made using recycled materials – include jewellery, accessories, toys, home-wares, health, beauty and much more.  The company works with their suppliers to ensure that the workers are fairly treated and compensated and most of their suppliers who make products abroad are fair trade registered.

You can learn more over at Be Good. Shop. Also check out this recent interview about the project (p. 30).

We’re happy to announce that Be good. Shop. has attained Ethical Accreditation. We recommend you check out their online shop and support their mission! Also show them your support and follow them on Twitter (@KateBeGoodShop).

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