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Ethical brand ratings and accreditation since 2001

The Value of The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Accreditation


The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Accreditation has long been the established guarantee of trust and reliability for consumers seeking to make ethical choices. We have formally endorsed over 200 brands, whose initiatives and policies align with our ethical criteria. These include Neal’s Yard, Aviva, Octopus Energy, General Accident, Green People, Highland Spring, and Charity Bank. By sharing these great products with our audience, we help promote ethical business practices and support companies making a positive impact.

Here’s why this accreditation has proved so valuable for so many leading ethical companies and consumers.

Independent and Trusted Evaluation

The Good Shopping Guide’s accreditation serves as an independent and trusted sign of a company’s ethical position and credentials. Our thorough assessment process involves evaluating a company’s practices against over 30 different ethical criteria. By meeting these high standards, companies can showcase their dedication to the well-being of people, animals and the environment. This not only reflects positively on the company’s values but also helps consumers make well-informed shopping choices. Ethical Accreditation is a clear indication that a company is invested in ethical business practices, giving consumers the confidence that they are supporting responsible brands.

Enhanced Visibility and Consumer Trust

The Ethical Accreditation mark can be proudly displayed on product packaging, websites, advertising and press releases. This visibility makes it easier for customers to identify companies that have met stringent ethical standards. As consumers increasingly care about the ethics of the brands they support, displaying the Ethical Accreditation mark can significantly enhance a company’s reputation and sales.

Our Unique Editorial Support

As an accredited company, you would enjoy prominent branding on our free-to-access Ranking tables with our distinctive ETHICAL mark next to your name. We create a dedicated Brand Page highlighting your ethical initiatives, a blog post on our website shared across our social media and a listing/logo in the Ethical Brand Directory. Your company will also be included in the Top 200 Ethical Businesses and receive editorial mentions in relevant contexts.

Supporting Ethical Companies

Our Accreditation not only endorses a company’s ethical practices but also aids in consumer decision-making. Ethical consumers can trust that brands with our seal of approval are making a positive impact. This support can translate into increased customer loyalty and higher sales, as consumers choose to align their purchases with their values.

Complete a Free Initial Assessment form for quick feedback from our research team on your potential for accreditation, or contact [email protected] with any further questions.


This is a part of a series written by Kat Alexander – one of the Directors of The Good Shopping Guide – to share important information about The Good Shopping Guide and its work supporting and promoting the best ethical companies.


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