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Ethical brand ratings and accreditation since 2001

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How sustainable and ethical is BT?

The Broadband Providers Ethical Ratings Table of The Good Shopping Guide lists BT. Although the Broadband provider has not yet upheld our moral standards, we are certain that it will do so in the future by making the necessary changes to conduct business in a more moral manner. BT would be able to increase consumer confidence and operate as a more ethical brand by applying for Ethical Accreditation, which would involve a more complete review and suggestions for ethical development.

The Good Shopping Guide to Ethical Broadband Providers has more details on why ethics should be taken into account when changing broadband providers. Then, in our Broadband Providers Ethical Ratings Table compare it to other suppliers.

What does BT do?

BT is the world’s oldest communications company; in 1846 the business was founded by Sir William Fothergill Cooke, George Parker Bidder and Joseph Lewis Ricardo. BT provides a range of broadband services, mobile upgrades as well as digital voice solutions. The brand has expanded and is now the parent company of many different brands operating within the BT Group.

For which criteria does BT perform poorly?

BT received a low rating for allegations concerning its ethical record. The brand also receives a middle grade for its Human Rights issues, Armaments and its Environmental Report. BT does outline certain targets in its Digital Impact and Sustainability Report, such as attaining Net Zero by 2045, the firm only obtains a passing rating from The Good Shopping Guide due to these aims’ lack of ambition. Roughly 40,000 BT and Openreach employees went on strike because their pay was not adjusted to match growing living expenses. More information on this ethical employment issue can be found here.

Furthermore, BT collaborated with BT Defense, and a portion of its website detailing BT’s military actions.

Past Criticisms of BT’s ethical record

BT has come under fire for allegedly being insensitive to customers who are dealing with the loss of a loved one in relation to their accounts with the company.

In addition, BT came under criticism for allegedly overcharging customers for landline phone services, potentially qualifying around 2.5 million BT customers to £500 in compensation.

In what areas does BT score well for its ethics?

This broadband provider scored highly in the areas of Political Donations, Animal Welfare, and Fossil Fuels.

Additionally, Given that the company stopped processing nuclear fuel in 2022 and nuclear power in 2003, BT obtains a high score for its Nuclear Issues.

How can BT improve its Ethical Rating?

The Good Shopping Guide divides a brand’s Ethical Rating into three categories: the Environment, People, and Animals.

For more specific advice on how to improve, BT should submit an application for Ethical Accreditation at our Application page. By creating Environmental Reports with more ambitious aims and ending all military offers, the broadband provider may raise its rating and satisfy our essential ethical standards.

If you work for or with a TV or broadband firm that values ethics highly, why not check out The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Accreditation? Contact us to learn more, or complete our short form for an initial ethical evaluation of your brand.

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