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Crew Clothing

Is Crew Clothing an ethical and sustainable fashion brand?

Crew Clothing is a low-ranking brand in The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Fashion Retailers Ratings.

Crew Clothing is a Britain- based fashion retailer owned by Exquisite Apparel Corp and receives a poor Good Shopping Guide score in our Ethical Fashion Retailers Ratings Table. Although Crew Clothing has not yet met our Ethical Benchmark, we hope to see the brand make progress in the future.

In what areas does Crew Clothing perform poorly? 

Despite Crew Clothing’s progress, there is still room for improvement. The brand was marked as a ‘middle rating’ for its Animal Welfare Policy and its Code of Conduct.  The brand does not publish an Animal Welfare Policy, but there have been no criticisms or accusations of animal cruelty or testing in the public record.

Though Crew Clothing does have a published Modern Slavery Policy, which prevents human trafficking or forced labour within the supply chain, there is little other evidence of this brand’s commitment to paying fair wages or ensuring the health and safety of workers in the supply chain.

On its website’s sustainability page, Crew Clothing makes a mention of ‘organic cotton’ and lists products that are ‘100% organic’, but there is no indication of a certification. We encourage brands to become certified with the Soil Association or similar, in order to validate organic fabrics.

Crew Clothing could improve its rating by supplying a better, more detailed Code of Conduct, or joining a scheme such as the Ethical Trading Initiative, which promotes transparency in the supply chain and responsible sourcing of labour and materials.

In what areas does Crew Clothing perform well? 

Crew Clothing performs well in its Environmental Report. Though Exquisite Apparel does not yet have a website to publish its sustainability goals, strategies and progress on, Crew Clothing’s website does.

Some of Crew Clothing’s environmental progress so far includes: selling reusable canvas shoppers and supplying 100% recycled and recyclable paper used to make all store bags and delivering stock to stores in second-hand boxes. Crew Clothing also states, “Around the main office, there are several recycling stations for everything from coffee cups to plastic containers.” Though these may seem like small steps, they are steps in the right direction.

Crew Clothing’s Ocean Polo also conserves freshwater, using recycled and more environmentally-friendly dyeing techniques. Additionally, £1 from each sale is donated to the Marine Conservation Society.

How can Crew Clothing brand improve its Ethical Rating?

The Good Shopping Guide score results from multiple ethical criteria in relation to Crew Clothing. To reach our minimum Ethical Benchmark and qualify for Ethical Accreditation, Crew Clothing has some issues to resolve, including its Organic certification, Code of Conduct and Animal Welfare Policy.

If your fashion brand values ethics and sustainability, why not check out The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Accreditation? Increase customer and investor confidence and stand out from the greenwash.

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