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Ethical brand ratings and accreditation since 2001

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Are Daewoo kettles ethical and sustainable?

Within the Ethical Kettles Sector, Daewoo has an above-benchmark score and as a result, is classed as an ethical kettle brand.

Since Daewoo already meets the minimum ethical benchmark on The Good Shopping Guide’s Kettles Ethical Ratings Table, it is eligible for Ethical Accreditation.  As a result of its top score, The Good Shopping Guide suggests that Daewoo reaches out to us to apply. When we have received its application, Daewoo will be allowed to display our ethical mark.

Would you like to see how Daewoo rates against other Kettles brands within the Ethical Kettles sector? Visit The Good Shopping Guide’s Kettles Ethical Ratings Table.  From our Ratings Tables, you can gain further insight into the criteria that a brand must fulfil to reach our minimum ethical benchmark.

All brands are encouraged by The Good Shopping Guide to begin introducing more ethical and sustainable policies, taking inspiration from our top-rated brands like Daewoo.

What makes Daewoo an ethical brand?

As a top-rated brand, Daewoo has a top rating in the majority of our categories. These include Political Donations, Human Rights and Animal Welfare due to its lack of negative records.

Does Daewoo have an Environmental Report?

Unfortunately, Daewoo does not share any environmental or sustainability information in the shape of a report or webpage. Due to its lack of information, it receives a bottom score in our Environmental Report category.

What can Daewoo do to improve its score? 

Daewoo’s above benchmark score on The Good Shopping Guide’s Kettles Ethical Ratings Table is the outcome of an assessment of multiple ethical criteria.

As Daewoo already meets the minimum ethical benchmark in the Ethical Kettles sector, The Good Shopping Guide encourages it to get in touch with us to apply for Ethical Accreditation. When we have received Daewoo’s application, it will be offered the use of our mark. Additionally, Daewoo will receive some tips on how to improve its score further.

Are you curious about how obtaining Ethical Accreditation could be beneficial for your brand? Accredited brands can display The Good Shopping Guide mark, showcasing to consumers that it can be trusted as an ethical and sustainable brand. Visit our Ratings Tables to learn about which brands have been awarded with our ethical certification.

Would you like more information? Please get in touch or fill out a Free Initial Assessment form.

Ethical performance in category


GSG score


GSG category benchmark


Ethical Rating


  • Environmental Report


  • Nuclear Power


  • Fossil Fuels



  • Animal Welfare



  • Armaments


  • Code of Conduct


  • Political Donations


  • Human Rights



  • Ethical Accreditation


  • Other Criticisms


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