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How ethical is Dynabook?
Dynabook features in The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical PCs, Laptops and Tablets Ratings Table. In our Ratings Table, the brand obtains an acceptable Good Shopping Guide Ethical Score and passes our ethical criteria as a good ethical brand. We encourage and hope that other computer companies follow Dynabook’s lead and implement more ethical policies and procedures.

More information on the necessity of ethical laptops and ethical computers may be found in The Good Shopping Guide to Sustainable & Ethical Computers. Then, in our Ethical PCs, Laptops and Tablets Ratings Table compare it to other brands.

What does Dynabook do?

Dynabook was the world’s first laptop PC in 1985, the brand has a focus on providing customers with a tool that allows them to be better, whatever the reason. Dynabook is owned by Sharp corporation and Foxconn since it was sold in 2018. Dynabook is known for selling ethical laptops, smart glasses and accessories.

In what areas does Dynabook perform well? 

Dynabook performs well in many areas of business receiving a high rating for all Environmental factors, no Animal Welfare concerns and no Conflict Materials used. Dynabook’s parent company Sharp has a sustainability report containing targets in regard to carbon emissions, waste and resource extraction. The products receive an Energy star ECO label and sharp is a member of RMI sand has a responsible minerals procurement page detailing specific requirements for suppliers to ensure that they meet the ethical standard of the brand.

How could Dynabook rate higher on our Ethical PCs, Laptops and Tablets Ratings Table? 
Dynabook is eligible for Ethical Accreditation due to its satisfactory score according to The Good Shopping Guide, this is examined by looking at the Environment, Animals, and People within a company and how much the brand considers this. Learn more about how we rate and research brands.

Ethical Accreditation boosts customer trust in a brand and serves as a certification for businesses to demonstrate that they meet an ethical standard.

Dynabook could improve its Ethical Rating score further by tackling the human rights criticisms that the brand faces, after 18 young workers in Foxconn factories tried to commit suicide by jumping off the roof according to researchers which led to a decade-long investigation. Sharp could also improve its code of conduct as it is currently vague and could be improved and go into more detail on areas such as child labour and working hours. Sharp should also look at being more transparent after receiving a 7.2/100 score on the Corporate Information Transparency Index.

Why not check out The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Accreditation if you work for or with a PC, Laptop or Tablet company that values ethics, or are you trying to improve your current CSR?

Contact us to learn more, or complete our short form for an initial ethical evaluation.

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