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How ethical and sustainable is Fire?

Fire is an Amazon-owned brand of tablet that appears in The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical PCs, Laptops, and Tablets Ratings Table.

Although Fire is yet to hit or exceed our Ethical Benchmark, we hope to see the brand make progress in the future. We would have extra confidence in this brand if it submitted itself to apply for Ethical Accreditation, whereby The Good Shopping Guide would make further detailed assessments and recommendations for ethical improvement in Fire’s CSR and ESG policies.

What does Fire do?

After being announced on September 28, 2011, the Kindle Fire—which connects directly to the Amazon Appstore, streaming films and television shows, and the Kindle Store for e-books—was launched to users in the United States on 14th November 2011.

The Fire HDX 8.9 and Fire HD were improved to the fourth generation of Fire tablets in September 2014, removing the ‘Kindle’ adjective from the naming scheme. The Fire HD 6 also had a six-inch screen and a quad-core processor. Amazon announced the debut of the Fire HD 8, which includes the digital assistant Alexa and costs $89.99, in September 2016. According to Fortune, ‘As with most of Amazon’s devices, the aim isn’t to make money off of the hardware but instead to sell digital content such as books, movies, and TV shows to users.’

For which criteria does Fire perform poorly?

Despite Fire’s progress, there is still room for improvement. Fire was marked poorly in categories including Political Donations, Human Rights (+), Animal Welfare, and Other Criticisms. These issues are also currently preventing this brand from qualifying for Ethical Accreditation.

In what areas does Fire score well for its ethics?

Fire performs well in areas we assess such as Conflict Minerals, an Environmental Report, and a Code of Conduct.

How can Fire brand improve its Ethical Rating?

The Good Shopping Guide score is determined by a number of ethical criteria, and Fire’s Ethical Score is based on these criteria. Fire has some issues to resolve in order to meet our existing ethical guidelines and qualify for Ethical Accreditation, including Animal Welfare, Human Rights, and Political Donations.

Why not look at The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Accreditation if you work for or with a PC, Laptop, or Tablet brand that wants to strengthen its ethical standards and commitment to sustainability or that currently has successful CSR or ESG initiatives?

Contact us or complete our form for a fast ethical evaluation to learn more about what The Good Shopping Guide can do for you. Alternatively, you can start the process by filling out our Ethical Accreditation application. Read our Benefits of Ethical Accreditation page to find out why hundreds of businesses have chosen to get The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Accreditation.

Ethical performance in category


GSG score


GSG category benchmark


Ethical Rating


  • Environmental Report


  • Nuclear Power


  • Eco Labels


  • Fossil Fuels



  • Animal Welfare



  • Armaments


  • Code of Conduct


  • Political Donations


  • Human Rights


  • Conflict Minerals


  • Human Rights+



  • Ethical Accreditation


  • Other Criticisms


  • Other Criticisms+


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