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Florence by Mills

How ethical is Florence by Mills?

Florence by Mills, a make-up, skincare and beauty brand is one of The Good Shopping Guide’s poorly-rated ethical brands. Actress Millie Bobby Brown has major stakes in this make up brand, but it is also part-owned by beauty incubator company, Beach House Group, which owns various other celebrity health and beauty brands. The brand does not meet our ethical benchmark in our Ethical Make Up Ratings Table.

Actress, Millie Bobby Brown is the face and founder of this brand, and the brand is tailored to the needs of young adult and teenage skin. Florence by Mills was launched in August 2019.

What is ‘clean beauty’ and is Florence by Mills a ‘clean’ make up brand?

This brand markets itself as a ‘clean’ beauty brand; this term is sometimes used in the cosmetics industry to greenwash products, so exercise caution around brands that use this kind of terminology! However, Florence by Mills does formulate its make up without the use of potentially toxic chemicals, such as phthalates, parabens and sulfates. Florence by Mills’ products also do not contain soy, which is often a GM crop. Florence by Mills donates profits to the Olivia Hope Foundation, a charity that raises awareness about childhood cancers. 

Unfortunately, Florence by Mills packaging is single-use.

In order to attain our Ethical Accreditation, Florence by Mills should look to obtain Cruelty-Free and Vegan accreditation.*

Florence by Mills also does not currently have any accountability when it comes to its environmental impact and should publish an Environmental Report. This brand should also consider gaining an authoritative Organic certification, such as one from the Soil Association. Organic products ensure the health and wellbeing of farmers, wildlife and vulnerable ecosystems.


*Please note, the Florence by Mills website claims that products are verified Cruelty-Free and Vegan by Vegan Action, however, Florence by Mills does not appear on the Vegan Action brand directory. After our research team contacted Vegan Action, Florence by Mills was confirmed NOT verified by Vegan Action.

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