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How ethical is Fruit-tella?

Fruit-tella is a brand of sweets owned by Perfetti Van Melle B.V., which has a below-benchmark score on The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Sweets Ratings Table.

Although Fruit-tella has not yet met our ethical benchmark, we hope to see the brand make progress in the future.

We would have extra confidence in Fruit-tella if it submitted itself to apply for Ethical Accreditation, whereby The Good Shopping Guide would make further detailed assessment and recommendations for ethical improvement.

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What does Fruit-tella do?

Fruit-tella is a brand of fruit flavoured chewy sweets that is owned by Italian-Dutch company Perfetti Van Melle.

In which areas does Fruit-tella perform poorly?

Despite Fruit-tella making progress, there is still room for improvement. Fruit-tella was marked down under our criteria for Palm Oil and GMO usage, due to a lack of available information in these areas. It also scored a middle rating for its Environmental Report as the brand’s Sustainability page is not as detailed as we expect from such a large company.

Find out more about how we rate by exploring our ethical criteria.

Past Criticisms of Fruit-tella’s record

A survey by Break Free From Plastic found that Fruit-tella’s parent company was one of the top ten plastic polluters in the world for two years in a row. Perfetti Van Melle has also been named in a report by Changing Markets Foundation as a company guilty of greenwashing due to its claims regarding its packaging.

In which areas does Fruit-tella score well for its ethics?

We found no public record criticisms of Fruit-tella relating to Nuclear or Fossil Fuels, Armaments or Animal Welfare, so it also scores well for these criteria.

How can Fruitella improve its ethical rating?

The below-benchmark score that Fruit-tella is awarded on The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Sweets Ratings Table is the result of an evaluation of multiple ethical criteria.

To reach our minimum ethical benchmark and qualify for Ethical Accreditation, Fruit-tella has some issues to resolve, including  its lack of an Environmental Report or statements relating to palm oil and GMO ingredients. It could also have its products certified as vegetarian.

If it applies for Ethical Accreditation, The Good Shopping Guide will be able to give Fruit-tella some guidance to improve on these areas.

Were you aware that your brand could benefit from Ethical Accreditation? Brands accredited by The Good Shopping Guide can display our ethical mark, showcasing to consumers that it is an ethical and sustainable brand.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to attain Ethical Accreditation, please contact us or complete a Free Initial Assessment form.

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