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Laura Mercier

How ethical is Laura Mercier? 

Laura Mercier is a poorly-ranked brand in The Good Shopping Guide’s ethical ratings.

Laura Mercier is a make up owned by Advent International Corporation and receives a sub-benchmark Good Shopping Guide score in our Ethical Make Up Ratings Table. Although Laura Mercier has not yet met our ethical benchmark, we hope to see the brand make progress in the future.

We would have extra confidence in this brand if it submitted itself to apply for Ethical Accreditation, whereby we would make further detailed assessments and recommendations for ethical improvement. 

In what areas does Laura Mercier perform poorly? 

The Good Shopping Guide does not rate Laura Mercier well for its Environmental Report, as the brand does not have one; even the brand’s FAQ page makes no mention of the environment.

The brand was also marked down under our criteria for its involvement in the Nuclear industries. Rubix, a distributor of industrial maintenance throughout Europe, is owned by Advent. The business sells maintenance products made for nuclear and military applications. Cobham, an aerospace and aviation business that offers control and communication solutions for military aircraft, is also owned by Advent

Is Laura Mercier Cruelty-Free?

Though Laura Mercier claims to be opposed to animal-testing, its website contains no official Animal Welfare statement. Additionally, this FAQ section from Laura Mercier also reports that because it is “committed to consumer health and safety” it will “comply with applicable regulations in every country”. From this, it is unclear whether or not Laura Mercier sells in store in countries such as mainland China, where animal testing is required by law. For this reason, many Cruelty-Free make up brands choose not to sell in China or countries where animal testing is mandatory. Laura Mercier’s approach to Animal Welfare is vague and unclear, and therefore, consumers concerned about animal testing should avoid this brand.

Additionally, some Laura Mercier products contain animal products, such as beeswax, lanolin and hair. Therefore, this brand is not certified as Vegan.

In what areas does Laura Mercier perform well?

Though Laura Mercier does not have a statement on the use of GM crops (such as soy), there are equally no previous, public criticisms of this brand using GM ingredients. Neither is there evidence of Laura Mercier or Advent being found guilty of Irresponsible Marketing.

How can Laura Mercier brand improve its ethical rating?

The Good Shopping Guide score results from multiple ethical criteria in relation to Laura Mercier. To reach our minimum ethical benchmark and qualify for Ethical Accreditation, Laura Mercier has some issues to resolve, including Advent’s involvement in the military and nuclear industries.

Ethical performance in category


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Ethical Rating


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  • Genetic Modification


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  • Nuclear Power


  • Fossil Fuels



  • Animal Welfare


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  • Armaments


  • Irresponsible Marketing


  • Political Donations



  • Ethical Accreditation


  • Public Record Criticisms


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