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Is Logik an ethical dishwasher brand? 

Owned by Currys Plc, a popular British electronics and telecommunications company, Logik is a top-rated brand within the Ethical Dishwashers sector.

Because Logik has a high score on The Good Shopping Guide’s Dishwashers Ethical Ratings Table, it is eligible for Ethical Accreditation. All Logik needs to do is reach out to us and apply. Once we receive its application, The Good Shopping Guide will provide Logik with the use of our ethical mark, as well as some tips on how to improve its score further.

Do you want to find out how Logik compares against other brands within the Ethical Dishwashers sector? Visit the Dishwashers Ethical Ratings Table.  The Good Shopping Guide’s Ratings Table can teach you more about the criteria that our top-rated brands have fulfilled to meet our minimum ethical benchmark.

The Good Shopping Guide encourages all brands to follow the excellent example that has been set by our top-rated brands like Logik and introduce more ethical practices.

What makes Logik an eco-friendly dishwasher brand?

As a top-rated brand, Logik has a top score in the majority of our categories.

However, we are especially pleased with its top score for the Environmental Report category.

Currys has a ‘Sustainable Business’ section within its recent annual report. The section contains a Net Zero target, targets on packaging and electric vehicles. Additionally, there is evidence of progress.

Why does Logik receive a middle rating for Human Rights?

Workers hired on zero-hour contracts by a range of brands including Currys, claim to have had their wages withheld by Mach Recruitment. A father-of-two has even stated that he did not automatically receive the holiday he was entitled to after he left his role at a Currys warehouse.

Over the past few years, the agency has been taken to multiple tribunals. Resultingly, it has been ordered to pay money owed to workers for unpaid wages, unauthorised salary deductions and a failure to award holiday pay.

What can Logik do to improve its score? 

The excellent score that Logik receives within The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Dishwashers sector is the outcome of an evaluation of multiple ethical criteria.

Because it has a top score in the Ethical Dishwashers sector, The Good Shopping Guide encourages Logik to get in touch to apply for Ethical Accreditation.  Once we have receives its application, The Good Shopping Guide will offer Logik the use of our ethical mark.

Are you aware that your brand could benefit from Ethical Accreditation? Our accredited brands are able to able to proudly display our mark, showcasing to consumers that it is an ethical brand to shop with. You can find out which other brands within the Ethical Dishwashers sector have been awarded with our ethics and sustainability certification by visiting our Ratings Tables. Would you like some more information? Please get in touch or complete a free initial assessment form.

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