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How ethical is m&m’s?

m&m’s is a chocolate brand which is manufactured by Mars Inc. m&m’s is popular for its multicoloured button-shaped design, variety of flavours and its characters which are often seen in television and cinema adverts.

Unfortunately, m&m’s cannot be classed as ethical on The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Chocolate Ratings Table due to its low score. Although m&m’s do not yet meet our ethical benchmark, we hope that it will in the future. In order to reach this, m&m’s can apply for Ethical Accreditation which would allow The Good Shopping Guide the opportunity to provide an assessment and detailed recommendations on how m&m’s could make ethical improvements.

You can find out more about Ethical Chocolate and see how other brands score against m&m’s in our Ethical Chocolate Ratings Tables.

In what areas does m&m’s score well?

Mars, m&m’s manufacturer receives a top score for its Environmental Report. Details regarding its goals for water use, plastic use, and carbon emissions are available on its Healthy Planet page. There are also dedicated pages for Climate Action, Land Use and Water Stewardship.

m&m’s receives a top rating for Armament and Nuclear Power on our table due to its lack of negative records under both of these headings.

Where does m&m’s perform poorly? 

m&m’s receives a bottom rating on The Good Shopping Guide’s table for Public Record Criticisms. Rainforest Action Network’s recent report ‘Keep Forests Standing’ assessed seventeen brands on their efforts to address their contribution to ongoing land grabs, the destruction of forests and violence against local and indigenous communities. Mars Inc, m&m’s manufacturer received a ‘D’ grade, so as a result, it receives a bottom score.

How can m&m’s ethical rating be improved? 

m&m’s ethical rating is the result of a calculation of The Good Shopping Guide’s criteria. To qualify for The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Accreditation, there are a few issues that m&m’s need to work on such as its Public Records Criticisms.

To qualify, m&m’s need to work on its bottom scores for Public Record Criticisms. If m&m’s were to improve upon these bottom ratings, it could see its score rise on the Ethical Chocolate Ratings Table, and we could offer the brand Ethical Accreditation for its chocolate.

Could your chocolate brand benefit from Ethical Accreditation? To find out which other brands have earned this certification for ethics and sustainability, view our Ratings Tables. To learn more, get in touch with us or complete our short initial evaluation form.

Ethical performance in category


GSG score


GSG category benchmark


Ethical Rating


  • Environmental Report


  • Genetic Modification


  • Organic


  • Nuclear Power



  • Animal Welfare


  • Vegetarian/Vegan Verified



  • Armaments


  • Political Donations


  • Fairtrade



  • Ethical Accreditation


  • Public Record Criticisms


  • Public Record Criticisms+


= GSG Top Rating = GSG Middle Rating = GSG Bottom Rating