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The Big Exchange Good Shopping Guide Ethical Accreditation

The Big Exchange

Is The Big Exchange an ethical investment Brand?

The Big Exchange has been awarded Ethical Accreditation as a Brand by The Good Shopping Guide. The Big Exchange has been awarded this certification after rigorous research into the public records associated with The Big Exchange and its business practices relating to the Environment, People and Animals.

What is The Big Exchange?

The Big Exchange was co-founded in 2020, in partnership with The Big Issue, a street newspaper and social enterprise based in the UK.

The Big Exchange has developed a website that seeks to promote ethical investments and shows site users how to invest in ethical funds. The site assesses investment funds, according to their effects on people and the environment. As of September 2022, it offered three risk-rated, ready-made investment packages and more than 60 rate investments.

Every investment is evaluated according to The Big Exchange’s methodology, which corresponds to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations*, for the type of and extent of the beneficial impact it is having.

*What are the Sustainable Development Goals? The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals were adopted by all UN members in 2015. These 17 goals aim to eradicate poverty and fight environmental degradation and climate change, in tandem.

Read more about The Big Exchange’s Impact Methodology here.

Funds that fail The Big Exchange’s research benchmarks are not added to the publicised fund list. Investment funds that pass this brand’s methodology are given one of three awards: gold, silver, or bronze, with gold funds receiving the highest score.

When it comes to their social and/or environmental claims, funds are evaluated by The Big Exchange to discover if these funds really practice what they preach! UK investors can then choose investments that address the issues they care about the most to invest their ISA, JISA, or GIA in.

(As with any investment venture- ethical or not- your money is at risk and tax laws apply.)

Why has The Big Exchange been awarded Ethical Accreditation?

This ethical investment and investment information brand has scored well in all of our research criteria, relating to the Environment, People and Animals.

The Big Exchange aims to offer UK investors a trustworthy and ethical source of investment information. The Big Exchange was founded to help the public make better-informed investment decisions for people and the planet, especially in the ongoing battle against greenwashing. This is achieved by allowing investors to see comprehensive impact summaries that explain what the funds do, how they do it, and what positive change the funds are trying to make.

The environmental focus of The Big Exchange’s fund research has resulted in a high Good Shopping Guide score in our Environment criteria.

Investments can also begin at £25, which is an attempt to make investing financially accessible to more people. The Big Exchange is also a Living Wage Employer, a UK-based employment scheme that seeks to prevent employees from falling into debt or poverty.

The Big Exchange has been given a high score in the People research criteria by The Good Shopping Guide, for its fair treatment of brand employees.

For these initiatives and other good brand reports and documents, The Big Exchange has been awarded Ethical Accreditation from The Good Shopping Guide.


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