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natural horse insect repellent

The Whole Hoof

How ethical is The Whole Hoof?

The Whole Hoof, an equine care company, has received The Good Shopping Guide Ethical Accreditation. It aims to be an ethical and natural company, keeping horses, ponies and their riders safe and healthy.

The Good Shopping Guide does not currently rate equine care companies, and so this company does not appear on our ratings table. However, The Whole Hoof is featured on our list of the Top 200 Ethical Businesses and was awarded our Ethical Accreditation for its environmental and ethical initiatives.

In which areas does The Whole Hoof perform well?

The Whole Hoof performs well for its Environmental impact. Its ingredients are ‘tested on humans’, and use natural, DEET-alternative ingredients.

The Whole Hoof has useful resources on its site. These resources explain the science behind its products and also links users to Public Health England’s advice on insect repellent. The Whole Hoof also provides journal evidence as to why its ingredients are effective and safe for human (and horse!) health. Evidencing research behind ingredients helps consumers to make informed choices about buying ethical products, and avoids any misleading marketing claims.

What makes The Whole Hoof so sustainable? 

The Whole Hoof has a wide range of sustainable initiatives that further the brand’s ethical status. The brand tests on humans to ensure products’ safety. Its ingredients are natural in origin, and so are alternatives to synthetic chemicals. 

The ingredients in The Whole Hoof’s MISTDFLY insect repellent are not genetically modified and are grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilisers.

The Whole Hoof makes sure that its products are effective and safe for humans as well as horses, evidencing its commitment to Animal Welfare.

Because MISTDFLY is a strong repellent, the product is produced to be long-lasting, and so over-consumption is avoided.

How did The Whole Hoof attain Ethical Accreditation?

The Whole Hoof has attained Ethical Accreditation from The Good Shopping Guide. This involved an application process and a full review of the brand’s ethical policies and practices. The Whole Hoof is subject to an annual review to ensure the company maintains high ethical standards.

As a result, The Whole Hoof is permitted to use our Good Shopping Guide Ethical logo, which certifies the brand’s ethical status and allows consumers to recognise The Whole Hoof as an ethical brand.