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Ethical brand ratings and accreditation since 2001

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Worcester Bosch

How ethical and sustainable is Worcester Bosch? 

Worcester Bosch is included in The Good Shopping Guide‘s Boilers Ethical Ratings Table. Although Worcester Bosch has not yet met our moral standards, we are certain that it will do so in the future and start conducting business more morally. Worcester Bosch  may be able to increase customer confidence by pursuing Ethical Accreditation, which involves a more complete examination and recommendations for ethical development.

More information on the importance of ethical boilers may be found in The Good Shopping Guide’s Guide to Ethical Boilers. Then, in our Boilers Ethical Ratings Table compare it to other brands.

What does Worcester Bosch do?

Worcester Bosch produces a range of Heating products specifically Worcester boilers and controls. The boiler company was founded in 1962 and became a part of Robert Bosch GmbHk in 1996.

For which criteria does Worcester Bosch perform poorly? 

Worcester Bosch has a poor rating for its consideration of human rights and support for political activity. The company gave political candidates more than $84,000 during the most recent elections.

Past Criticisms of Worcester Bosch’s ethical record

Due to its parent company, Worcester Bosch has drawn criticism. Robert Bosch received a subpar score of 13.1/100 on the Corporate Information Transparency Index, which evaluates a company’s supply chain practises. Bosch also faced criticism after settling a claim that they were to blame for problems with diesel emissions.

In what areas does Worcester Bosch score well for its ethics?

The environmental report from Worcester Bosch has received favourable comments. The sustainability report Bosch produced includes goals for water use, carbon emissions and renewable energy sources are all included in the sustainability report Bosch published, and it evaluates how effectively these goals are being accomplished. In accordance with Bosch’s strict code of conduct, which is stricter than the laws of many other countries and forbids the use of child labour and excessive working hours, which complies with The Good Shopping Guide‘s guidelines. The company also obtains great marks for its stance on Animal Welfare, Nuclear issues and Armaments.

How can Worcester Bosch improve its ethical rating?

The Ethical rating of a brand is divided into three categories by The Good Shopping Guide: the Environment, People and Animals. Find out more about how we rate.

Worcester Bosch might apply for Ethical Accreditation for more detailed guidance on how to improve. Worcester Bosch may improve its score and uphold our core ethical values in two ways: by ceasing all political donations and re-examining how it treats its employees.

Were you aware that your brand could benefit from Ethical Accreditation? Brands accredited by The Good Shopping Guide can display our ethical mark, showcasing to consumers that it is an ethical and sustainable brand.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to attain Ethical Accreditation, please get in touch with us or complete a Free Initial Assessment form.

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