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How ethical is Yappily?

Yappily, an online dog care directory, is one of The Good Shopping Guide’s leading Ethical Accreditation members and is featured on our list of the Top 200 Ethical Businesses.

Yappily’s directory revolutionises UK’s dog care by connecting dog guardians with ethical & accredited services.  In an industry lacking regulation, Yappily stands out, ensuring providers meet stringent qualifications and adhere to a ‘do no harm’ ethic.

The company’s ethical achievements are truly commendable. We therefore encourage other brands within the pet care industry to follow Yappily’s example and adopt more ethical policies and practices.

What makes Yappily so sustainable?

What sets Yappily apart is its clear dedication to ethics and sustainability. Businesses that appear in the Yappily directory must be environmentally friendly, hold strong ethical values and contribute positively to the wellbeing of pets, people and the planet.

Yappily’s core values are centred around dog welfare, the primary mission behind the brand. Yappily therefore only allows ethical, qualified and licensed care providers to appear on its directory. Additionally, all dog professionals must be qualified and only use force free methods.

The Yappily Code of Ethics sets out its standards for directory members. This includes expectations such as robust animal welfare practices, treating people with respect, professionalism and transparency. Yappily is therefore committed to ensuring that all services on its website conform to the highest ethical standards.

Committed to sustainability, Yappily is reducing its carbon footprint through digital practices, energy efficiency, and encouraging eco-friendly products like biodegradable bags and natural grooming products.

The brand’s sustainable journey includes championing fair labour practices, demonstrating our dedication to a healthier planet and pet wellbeing. Yappily is not just a directory; it’s a movement towards responsible, compassionate pet care and environmental stewardship.

How did Yappily attain Ethical Accreditation?

Yappily has achieved Ethical Accreditation from The Good Shopping Guide. This involved a rigorous assessment of the brand’s ethical policies and practices to verify its ethical status. Yappily is subject to regular review to ensure the company maintains high ethical standards.

As a result, Yappily is permitted to use our Good Shopping Guide Ethical Mark, which certifies the brand’s ethical status and allows consumers to recognise Yappily as an ethical brand.

Visit our Accredited Brands Directory to see which brands have achieved The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Accreditation. To find out more about how it works, please get in touch or complete a Free Initial Assessment Form.

To find ethical dog services in your area, check out the Yappily website.