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Technology giants BT, Microsoft and Nokia along with a host of other companies and NGOs have teamed up to combat human trafficking in supply chains. With support of the UN, the aim of the coalition is to improve on and develop new technologies that can more accurately monitor supply chains and help tackle modern slavery and human trafficking”. Organised under the heading, Tech Against Trafficking, the collaborative effort followed inaugural talks entitled, “The role of digital technology in tackling modern slavery“.

techUK CEO Julian David, said:

Innovation, technology and digital solutions can play a huge role in tackling global challenges. The Tech Against Trafficking initiative will showcase how digital can be deployed to combat modern slavery. Blockchain solutions for example can help companies know what is happening in their supply chains or verify safe migration routes. Big data analytics can also identify bottlenecks in trafficking routes, and even basic IT can help in supporting NGOs on the ground who are helping those affected directly. techUK is sitting in the Advisory Group and I urge as many members as possible to get involved and look at how we can harness the collective innovation of the UK tech sector to help end modern slavery and human trafficking.

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