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Carbon-Negative Period Products: Wolva

by | Jul 16, 2021 | Ethical Accreditation, Ethical Shopping Blog

The Good Shopping Guide is happy to announce that Wolva has attained our Ethical Brand Award. Wolva is an Ethical Feminine Care brand that aims to provide the world’s most sustainable disposable period products.

Wolva is a family-owned brand based in the heart of Finland. Its ingredients are primarily derived from local sources, including the dense forests of Finland. Moreover, production is fueled via hydropower produced through the country’s numerous rivers and fjords. This is a sample of the various sustainability initiatives incorporated by Wolva. In addition, it is notable that when approaching the topic of sustainability, the brand looked first and foremost to utilizing its surroundings in a renewable manner.

When discussing sustainable matters, it is important to know that Wolva has gone above and beyond the traditional target of being ‘carbon neutral’ and have become a carbon-negative brand. This entails emitting as little CO2 as possible, offsetting it, and then extending this carbon compensation beyond this amount. This is achieved through adhering to Gold Standard outlines (a carbon offset scheme established by the UN and WWF) and partnering with Clonet to help calculate carbon footprint, set emission reduction targets and evaluate emission reduction measures. Furthermore, all its period products are biodegradable and produced in small batches with zero-emissions energy.

Lastly, Wolva manages to also succeed in considering ethics from a macro overview, through its additional implementation of high People and Animal Welfare standards. Examples of this include paying all workers a fair wage and all products being 100% vegan and receiving V-Label certification to confirm this.

Overall, Wolva has done great work incorporating various areas of ethical consideration throughout every fibre of the brand’s structure. In particular, it is commendable how Wolva has exceeded the target of being carbon-neutral and instead achieved a carbon-negative status. This is truly something every company and brand should strive for in helping repair the excessive amount of carbon emissions that are produced every year.


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