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Greenpeace USA’s Carting Away the Oceans report evaluates and ranks major grocery stores on their commitments to sustainable seafood. How does your favorite grocery store score?

In the latest update, Whole Foods, Wegmans, Hy-Vee, and Safeway topped the list for their sustainable seafood practices. Roundy’s, Publix, A&P, and Save Mart were the worst ranked companies. Publix and Kroger, both top ten supermarkets based on their annual sales, sell more Red List species than any other U.S. grocery chain.

Applauding industry leaders and exposing those lagging behind is key to getting supermarkets to take responsibility and play their part in protecting our oceans and the people who depend on them.

Is your supermarket selling sustainable seafood? Learn more about the Carting Away the Oceans 2015 report.

Check out the scorecard at a glance below:

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Courtesy of David Pinsky at Greenpeace

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