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The Good Shopping Guide is pleased to announce that Vegeco brands, Benevo and V-dog, have successfully re-attained Ethical Accreditation. Both of these brands rank among the very top on the ethical index, as two of only three brands with perfect 100 ECIs.

About Vegeco and its ethical brands

Vegeco is a vegan company specialising in vegetarian and vegan products for pets. As noted, they have two brands:

Benevo was created to provide a solution for people who wish to feed their dogs and cats without harming other animals. Benevo is dedicated to developing products that provide healthy, ethical choices for people and their animal companions. Their products are approved by the UK Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society and also certified organic.

V-dog offers complete pet foods and mixers for dogs, which are nutritionally balanced and approved by the UK Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society.

Both brands have consistently remained at the top of the ethical index for some time. You can learn why Benevo and V-dog score top marks in our research by visiting the pet food section of The Good Shopping Guide.

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