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Ethical Cat and Dog Food: Amanova

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Ethical Accreditation, Ethical Shopping Blog

The Good Shopping Guide is pleased to announce that Amanova has attained our Ethical Brand Award. Amanova is an Ethical Cat and Dog Food range with a strong focus on using fresh ingredients, free of artificial flavours and colours.

The Amanova brand is built around upon the foundation of including only ingredients and productions methods that adhere to the highest Animal Welfare standards. Our independent Ethical Assessment found all its cat and dog food products to be GM-free, palm oil-free and cruelty-free, indicating its commitment to protecting animals’ health & wellbeing throughout the production and consumption of its products.

In addition, Amanova’s consideration of the Environment is evident through incorporating various sustainable initiatives. This includes the aforementioned adversity to using palm oil, ensuring product packaging is recyclable and sourcing ingredients locally. Local sourcing is something that we strongly encourage due to lowering the carbon footprint produced through the transportation of goods, whilst also supporting local communities.

Overall, Amanova is a great example of accounting for Animal Welfare throughout every stage of a product’s life cycle. This is accomplished without neglecting other areas, such as environmental matters, that combine to form the whole ethical picture. These combined factors resulted in Amanova reaching the benchmark on our Ethical Cat & Dog Food Rating Table and receiving an Ethical Brand Award.


Find out more about Amanova on its website:

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