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When it comes to tackling modern slavery, a new report by the Business and Human Rights Resources Centre has found that not enough is being done by majority of FTSE 100 companies.

Phil Bloomer of the Business and Human Rights Resources Centre writes in Ethical Corporation how: Despite leadership being displayed by a few major companies, such as Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Unilever, who have “taken meaningful steps to assess whether the people who provide their services and manufacture their products are at risk for exploitation”, the overall findings of the report are “disappointing”.

It has been estimated by The International Labour Organization that illicit profits from modern slavery reach $150 billion a year. Staggeringly, it has also been estimated that 16 million people were victims of forced labour in the private economy in 2016. Companies face a number if risks of being exposed to or complicit with modern slavery practices through their complex supply chains.

Awareness has been growing about the urgent problem of modern slavery thanks to numerous campaigns. The report calls on major companies to take a leadership role, as modern states, such as the UK, introduce new modern anti-slavery policies.

For more on the report, see this article. Or you can view the report directly via this link.

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