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Greenpeace has published its analysis of Coca-Cola’s recently unveiled global plastics plan. While making big improvements on previous targets, Coca-Cola’s plans are under attack for a number of reasons. Despite the likes of Evian, for example, committing to using plastic bottles made from 100% recycled content by 2025, Coca-Cola’s updated target remains limited at 50% recycled content in all countries by 2030.

Although the global drinks giant has pledged to make their products 100% recyclable, they give no deadline for achieving this target in their plan.

Other fine details and nuances also remain in question, as Greenpeace point out. One of the biggest failures, they highlight, is how Coca-Cola’s plan fails to include tangible or concrete reductions of the company’s rapidly increasing use of single-use plastic bottles globally (the figure of which now stands at more than 110 billion annually).

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