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Greenpeace has published its green guide to electronics. In the new report on sustainable tech, many detailed points are offered on the current ethical status of the tech industry and consumer electronics.

For example, did you know that “70 to 80% of the energy footprint of personal electronic devices occurring during the manufacturing phase”?

The guide focuses in particular on measuring three critical areas in relation to product design and responsible supply chain management.Energy: Reduction of greenhouse gases through efficiency and renewable energyResource Consumption: sustainable design and use of recycled materialsChemicals: Elimination of hazardous chemicals from both the product itself and manufacturing

The average grade of the 17 companies in this year’s guide was a D+. This highlights, as Greenpeace point out in their summary, that majority of companies “have a long way to go to make devices that are sustainable”. One of the conclusions reached in the report is that how tech companies must shift away from the status quo “take, make, waste” business model.

Fairphone scored the highest overall with a B. The ethical tech brand, known for its modular smartphone, was highlighted for strong commitment to a product design that is repairable and upgradeable. [Fairphone currently ranks top on the ethical index for overall ethical standing. We also recently reviewed the Fairphone 2, which you can find here].

Apple also graded very well across the three critical areas reviews by Greenpeace, coming in with a grade of B- (second highest). Previously ranked bottom on The Good Shopping Guide’s  ethical index (according to the most previous update), with updated research and evidence will Apple see a positive rise in the overall ethical charts? Time will tell.

For more, you can find the 2017 report card via this PDF.

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