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Plastic pollution is on everyone’s agenda.

As a material, plastic has been profoundly and transformatively useful in far too many ways to list. But, as highlighted by recent scientific and empirical research, the mounting problem of plastic pollution, including ocean plastic pollution, is a game changer. It forces the need for us to look to new materials. As private start-ups and the material sciences search for an alternative, existing businesses, like bottled water companies, are now in a very difficult position.

Enter Highland Spring and its new “eco bottle“. The Ethically Accredited brand has become the first UK water brand to introduce a 100% recyclable bottle.

Highland Spring Chief Executive, Les Montgomery, said: “Plastic is a valuable resource that shouldn’t be treated as waste and we encourage everyone to get involved in this trial. Tell us what you think of the eco bottle and then recycle it afterwards to help keep the circle of recycled plastics going.

This is a significant step that is part of a longer-term road map to eliminating plastic waste as more and more consumers recycle their plastic bottles and we can source recycled plastic in the quantities and quality we need.”

Highland Spring Group, the UK’s leading producer of natural-source bottled water, remains the number one UK supplier. But with actions like these, it is also clear why the Ethically Accredited company continues to rank top for overall ethics in The Good Shopping Guide. In our latest research, Highland Spring scored a perfect 100 ECI.

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