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Steve Trent, executive director of the Environmental Justice Foundation, has issued five easy steps to ensure your prawns are slavery free:

As a consumer, you have power: you can shape the marketplace and the actions of major companies. Use the power you have in your wallet to make sure we once and for all remove slavery from the Thai seafood we consume.

1. Contact your supermarket’s chief executive – write, call, tweet – and ask them if they can guarantee that they have eliminated slavery in their seafood supply chains – and how they have done this.

2. Ask your retailer if they undertake unannounced, independent inspections at every stage of their Thai seafood supply chains. Ask that they to do this if they don’t already.

3. Only buy your seafood from sustainable, well-managed fisheries specifically recommended by reputable organisations such as Marine Conservation Society and Greenpeace.

4. As a last resort, if your retailer cannot confirm that its seafood products originating in Thailand are not 100% slavery-free, don’t buy them and tell your supermarket bosses why you are not buying.

Originally published by The Guardian.

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