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How to use this Ethical Comparison Site

This online ethical shopping guide gives you the essential environmental, animal welfare and human rights background to a wide range of products, summarising the most important ethical attributes of the different brands that are available in the UK. It also details the changes that are being made by manufacturers to improve their ethical records, and gives the names of the most progressive ethical businesses and companies.

The Good Shopping Guide takes you through all the ethical factors you may want to consider when making decisions about which products to buy. It is the essential reference guide for ethical shopping, and includes up-to-date information on all the major manufacturers and their brands.

To make it easy to find the product you are interested in, the site is divided into seven sections: Ethical Home & Office, Ethical Energy, Ethical Travel, Ethical Money, Ethical Food & Drink, Ethical Health & Beauty and Ethical Fashion. Within each section you will find extensive information on a wide range of different products.For each type of product there is a long table showing a clear ethical rating (the Ethical Company Index) for each brand. This is based upon the company’s record for environmental reporting, pollution, animal testing, factory farming, workers’ rights, involvement in armaments or genetic engineering and other ethical factors.

The ethical ratings table includes a separate rating for each of these areas, so you can check how the company scores on the issues that concern you most. Alongside the long table is a short table, which gives an at-a-glance overview of which brands come from the most ethical businesses and companies. You will also find background information about the environmental and social impact of each product sector.

You will also find on this site details of the companies which have gained Ethical Accreditation and can therefore display our logos as independent mark of endorsement. Look out for this badge of authority on the packaging/labels and websites of several leading and progressive brands.

After consulting The Good Shopping Guide, you will have all the information you need to make some really switched-on decisions. 

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