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In the company’s commitment to help its customers live more sustainably, Ikea has announced that it will phase out all single-use plastic products from its stores. The furniture retailer has already committed to transitioning away from petroleum-based plastics by 2020, with the aim of ensuring all its plastic products are made using recycled materials.

The ban on single-use plastics will apply to all of the company’s global stores and, where possible, sustainable alternatives will be introduced.

Ikea has seen notable growth in sales for sustainable products in recent time, with the furniture retailer expanding its Sustainable Life product range to over 500 items.

The move to phase out single-use plastics is part of the company’s broader plans to ensure all products are produced using only renewable and recycled materials by 2025, as Ikea aims to achieve zero emissions by the same year. The ultimate aim for the retailer is to have all products designed in such a way that they might be repaired, resold or recycled.

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