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As promised in time for summer, we’ve released updated rankings for the world’s sun protection brands. Along with the new ratings, based on our independent research and ethical company report, we also updated our general ethical consumer guide to sun protection.

We recommend you check out our updated guide, as it is filled with all sorts of interesting information on sunscreens and blocks, how they work, as well as updated information on the latest science. We’ve also included detailed information on some of the more generally popular concerns expressed by consumers, including on the chemicals used in the average sun protection product.

A Point of Note

It is estimated that there are over 100,000 new cases of skin cancer diagnosed each year in the UK alone, even though most people are now aware of the necessity of using sun lotion. With a wide range of brands available, experts continue to remind us that the most expensive and well-known products are not necessarily any better than the smaller names, and that there is no reason not to consider some of the lesser known and more ethical companies when protecting your skin. At the same time, it is important to also remember that sunscreen  should not been taken to offer a “false sense of security” insofar that once you apply it, this does not mean that you can then stay in the sun for hours and be protected. Applying and re-applying the right amounts of sunscreen is absolutely vital.

Updated Rankings – How the brands fall

The news is mixed when it comes to our recent ethical comparison rankings. For instance, The Body Shop continues to rank among the very lowest for ethics! Additionally, such popular global brands as Ambre Solaire, Nivea, Soltan and Coppertone all rank among the very lowest on the Ethical Index. Concerns very, but our report most notably highlighted serious around animal welfare, irresponsible marketing, political donations and public record criticisms.

But there are also a lot of positive results to take away. Jason, Hawaiian Tropic, Delph, Ultra Sun, Banana Boat among others have either maintained or climbed into a mid-tier rating.

While at the very top, Green People continue to lead the way along with the likes of Neal’s Yard RemediesOy!Honesty and incognito (the latter who recently launched a new skincare / sun protection line of products). All of these brands have Ethical Accreditation and are highly recommended by The Good Shopping Guide.

Lavera and Calypso have also made it into the top.

Before stocking up for the summer, have a look at the latest ethical rankings for sun protection brands and shop wisely! If you’re used to shopping online, you can purchase directly through our ethical comparison tables by simply clicking on your brand of choice.

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