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Ethical money

The notion of ‘ethical money’ may sound oximoronic at times, but there’s a great deal of truth to the fact that your money has a very real and distinct ethical component. Where you bank, where you spend your money, all of these things have an ethical outcome. As our research has disclosed over a number of years, the choice of where you save your money could mean whether your hard earned personal finance is funding the manufacturing of cluster bombs or climate change. The link is tangible.

So what are your options as a consumer?

Charity Bank

Charity Bank proves that banking can serve a different purpose. Rather than investing in the manufacturing of cluster bombs or fossil fuels, Charity Bank is a savings and loans bank with a mission to use money for good.

When you save with Charity Bank, they pay you interest and use your money to make loans to charities and social enterprises. Thus, your savings become part of a positive social mission. They might be used to build affordable homes, launch renewable energy projects or to foster peace among young people in divided communities.

For Charity Bank, “what matters to us isn’t profits but a shared idea about the world we want to live in”.

Ethical Accreditation

Consistently ranked top on the ethical index, it is safe to say that Charity Bank is a leading ethical financial institution in the UK.

In addition to a top ethical ranking score in The Good Shopping Guide, the bank was also recently re-awarded Ethical Accreditation. With top marks across all of our current research categories for Banks and Building Societies, we highly recommend that you check them out if you’re interested in an ethical alternative for your money.

To learn more, visit their website. You can also contact Charity Bank on Twitter (@CharityBank).

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