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Last year tens of thousands of people convinced the UK Government to create a national Bee Action Plan to save British bees. This call to action coincided with movements throughout many Western countries, including frequent protests in North America, to protect one of nature’s most important pollinators.

Bee populations have experienced drastic decline over the years and this declines poses a real threat to not only bees but the environment as a whole. Reasons for the grave threat to the world’s bee population is largely due to, among other things, modern farming techniques, pesticide use and unsustainable development.

Saving Britain’s declining bees is within our grasp, and the work has already begun. But Friends of the Earth has recently issued another call to action to pressure the UK government to make sure the Bee Action Plan ticks all the right boxes. If we fail at getting it right, we won’t be able to reverse the decline of one of the world’s most vital pollinating insects.

Take action by signing this petition and tell the UK Government that the Bee Action Plan needs to be stronger.

There are also other practical ways you can help. You can create sustainable habitats for the bees by planting wildflowers in your garden and by supporting organic farmers. By purchasing ethical, sustainable and organic produce you can also help cut pesticide use out of the agricultural system and support a vision for a more sustainable, bee-friendly world.

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