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Marks & Spencer’s latest sustainability report has been published. Within it, the company has revealed a number of interesting targets and aims.

One of the most notable headlines concerns how M&S is currently in line to achieve 100% sustainable sourcing of cotton by 2020. The retailer highlighted a 28% increase in responsibly sourced cotton in 2017, meaning that 77% of all cotton is now sourced sustainably. Of the 50,000 tonnes of cotton that M&S sources a year, a great majority of that now arrives via the Better Cotton Initiative.

In August, our Clothing & Home colleagues launched a range of Sustainable selvedge denim jeans. Like much of our cotton, these jeans support the Better Cotton Initiative but also score 21 using the Jeanologia Environmental Impact Measurement, which classifies low impact as being anything under a score of 33. These are probably the most sustainable items of clothing that M&S has ever sold.

M&S also offered an update on its wider environmental and ethical business commitments, including ongoing efforts in the area of human rights. In an interview with, Mike Berry, director of sustainable business at M&S, commented that shifting consumer demands are driving the company’s sustainability progress.

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