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As part of its new $1bn sustainability strategy, Mars has committed to eradicating modern slavery from its supply chain.

While the confectionery giant’s sustainability initiative has been making headlines due to the announcement that Mars is committed to cutting greenhouse gas emissions across its value chain by 67% by 2050 (compared to 2015), which represents a significant improvement compared to previous commitments.

However, greenhouse gas reduction is only one of “three pillars to the plan”, with the $1bn also going to meaningful improvement of the lives of approximately 1 million workers in the company’s supply chain. This commitment follows Mars long-term strategic initiative to work with the labour rights NGO Verité in developing a human rights strategy.

Currently, Mars’ brands are among the worst ranking on the ethical index (see chocolate, for example). How Mars’ plans come together to be truly effective is an open question that will certainly continue to be monitored.

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