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M&S have launched their answer to low impact fashion: “Sustainable Selvedge” jeans. The new range is fitted with biodegradable leather as well as recycled thread and zip tape. The low-impact technology used is said to reduce the environmental impacts of each product, with each pair of jeans requiring 14 litres of water during the manufacturing instead 70 litres most commonly used in conventional manufacturing practices.

In addition to using five time less water, the new ranges of jeans will have reduced chemical and energy footprints.

As reported in, it is said that they will sell for £45. The initiative behind the new jeans is part of M&S Plan A 2025 commitment. The goal for M&S is to ensure 100% of their products are given a Plan A sustainability attribute by 2020. The brand is also committed to the achieving the target of 100% sustainable cotton by 2019.

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