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Natural & Organic, Self-Tan

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Ethical Accreditation

TanOrganic is a natural and organic self-tanning product, which uses natural ingredients which work gently on both the face and body to deliver realistic results.

The company’s ethical values are central to the way they operate and the products they produce – caring for people, the environment and animals in everything they do.  TanOrganic’s products are certified vegan, organic and cruelty-free and they give back to the community through their charity support programme.

Their ethical status has been endorsed through independent Ethical Accreditation for 9 consecutive years.

As well as being an ethical choice, TanOrganic is a safe alternative to achieving a tan through exposure to the sun.

In addition to self-tan products, TanOrganic has a range of other beauty products and receives a top-ranking Ethical Company Index score of 100 in our ethical analysis of Skincare brands

Find out more about TanOrganic’s values and see their full-range of products on their website.

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