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Greenpeace has released a new report, “Fashion at the crossroads”, presented in Milan ahead of Milan Fashion Week. The report shows examples of “slowing the loop” solutions as alternatives to the current material-intensive business model. For the first time ever, an open database of nearly 400 entries, put together under a coherent framework, will help design more sustainable scenarios for the fashion industry.

“A ‘circular economy’ is the latest meme being used across the EU and worldwide, but behind this nice phrase lies the industry’s fantasy that circularity can fix a material-intensive system; selling the promises of 100% recyclability which is unlikely to come true,” said Chiara Campione, Greenpeace Italy Senior Corporate Strategist.

Greenpeace warns that an effective six year-long effort to reduce hazardous chemicals from the textile global supply could be ruined by a premature ‘circular economy’ where recycling happens before detoxing processes and materials occur, while the overall growing intensity of production continues to pose a serious threat to the environment.

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