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News broke just the other week that global fast-food giant, McDonald’s, has committed to new science-based targets in relation to its climate strategy. This should be considered as quite a big shift in company policy. But with this commitment, McDonald’s, one of the largest purchasers of beef in the world, has also announced plans regarding beef production, energy use at its restaurants, packaging, and finally waste.

Policy proposals when it comes to beef production is one of the biggest on the list. With the intention of working with suppliers across its value chain, the company’s aim is to begin sourcing more sustainable beef. The carbon footprint of beef production is immense, so much so that it represents one of the largest producers of greenhouse gas. Some of the steps taking by McDonald’s will be in support of suppliers using different feed and alternative management of manure, among other things.

There are, of course, a lot of issues with McDonald’s supply and value chain, not just when it comes to sustainable beef but also animal rearing in general. But that McDonald’s is taking steps, with some fairly strong sustainablility goals, is a promising sign.

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